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"I am part of that power which still produceth good, whilst ever scheming ill."

Circa 2013
2013 photo

Birth: 20 Aug. 1983

Location: Moscow/Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation

Education: Got a Masters degree here (2000-2006)

Blog: I use LiveJournal for blogging since 2002

Social: I am (rather) active on Facebook and Twitter

CV: Could be found on Linkedin

About life and computers:

Shortly, everything sucks. UNIX sucks. Linux sucks. BSD sucks. Windows sucks in almost all areas.
There is no good OS nowadays. No good CPU architecture. Really nothing good.
But something just suck less. For that reason, my OS of choise is OpenBSD and software I use on daily basis is listed here. It is not good. But the rest is worse.

Email/Jabber:my email

Hobby: Drumming in a rock band

In Action!

Hobby: Offroad 4x4 cars

Not Yet a Monster
I owned this car circa 2005-2007

My First Monster

My First Monster
I owned this car circa 2007-2012

My Current Baby
This is my everyday car since 2014

Version: 3.12
GCS d-- s: a-- C++++ UB++++ P+ L- E--- W++ N+ o+ K w--
O-- M- V- PS+ PE Y+ PGP- t 5 X R tv- b+ DI- D+
G++ e+++ h r- y?
2003-2009 photos:

Photo by Gnotr (, 2003
Summer 2004
Photo by Gnotr (, 2005
Summer 2009

It's hard road - in a world that stinks
God have mercy on a man that thinks
It's hard road - in a world that sucks
God don't love you when you're out of luck

It's a hard road - when you're on your own
It's a hard road - when your skin's the wrong tone
It's a hard road - if your face don't fit
It's a hard road - you gotta take alotta shit
Roger Taylor .:>