:: projects

Maybe totally useless but some people get so excited about these things... ;)

1. MMS: mutt/getmail/procmail/msmtp/spamassassin backend

MyMailSystem ver. 2.1

2. extremely cool'n'useful zsh prompt backend

zsh prompt

From left to right:

Put this into your ~/.prompt.zsh:

function precmd {
	PR_APM_RESULT=`bat | awk '{print $3}'`

setprompt () {
	setopt prompt_subst
	PROMPT=$'%{\e[1;32m%}[(%{\e[0m%}%{\e[1;33m%}%T \
	%{\e[0m%}%{\e[1;32m%})(%{\e[1;31m%}${(e)PR_APM} \
	%{\e[0m%}%{\e[1;32m%})(%{\e[0m%}%{\e[1;35m%} \
	${(e)PR_MAIL} %{\e[0m%}%{\e[1;32m%}):%{\e[1;36m%}%~ \
	%{\e[0m%}%{\e[1;32m%} ]%{\e[0m%} ' \

Put this into your ~/.zshrc:

source ~/.prompt.zsh

bat stands for vaiobat from vaiobat package

/home/toxa/scripts/ is the simple script:


COUNT=`ls -l $BOX/new | wc -l`
NEW=`expr $COUNT - 1`
echo $NEW

If you want to get nifty popup notification in X:

Put this somethere (for example, ~/scritps/


COUNT=`ls -l $BOX/new | wc -l`
NEW=`expr $COUNT - 1`
export DISPLAY=:0.0
ps|grep xmessage|grep -v grep && /usr/bin/pkill -9 xmessage 
[ $NEW -gt 0 ] && ps|grep xinit|grep -v grep > /dev/null 2>&1 && \
/usr/X11R6/bin/xmessage -buttons Thanks -nearmouse "You've got $NEW new mail!" &

Add it to crontab:
*/2 * * * * /home/toxa/scripts/ > /dev/null 2>&1

3. FreeBSD/OpenBSD Ports

I used to be the maintainer of some FreeBSD ports in a official port tree

Also there are some ports for OpenBSD by me (unofficial yet)

4. Wardriving Project

Wardriving is cool! I'm living in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, and my goal
is to localise here as many AP as possible, and display it on a public maps,
such as Google Maps. It's so fun and easy, with car, laptop, wireless card,
GPS navigator and wireless sniffer, such as Kismet ;)

Check it out

5. PtH-pwner, a tool to attack NTLM networks

Check it out